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> The kampfer is usually credited for having bazooks, ashotgunda, panzer
> fausts, and beam sabers. It is also credited for the mine chain, which was
> stored in one of four trailors Misha had placed on the colony. Also
> however, was hand grenades and a heat hawk. The kampfer is never said to
> equipped with these, but technichaly it has a heat hawk and grenades added
> its vast aresenal. I just felt like bringing that up. There was another
> trailor of which the contents were not revealed... I wonder...

Interesting! I guess that the standard weapon complement was what could be
put on the hardpoints. technically, without the mine chain, the Kämpfer
could still carry a heat hawk in its other hand (the other one holding onto
one shotgun). It could also carry grenades; heck that's just adding on
grenade "hangers" to the external armor, which is a modification I am

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