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Sun, 4 Feb 2001 08:01:42 -0500 (EST)

Had my first taste of Gundam at age 14 (1994) when I saw CCA on NHK on our
local cable provider (actually, my brother had built 1/144 GunBlastor before
that, but it was CCA that really got me).
Got m'self a few random model kits every now and then after that but ws
still more of a Macross fan. Then I played the CCA video game in Dec of
1998 (actually had played SRW before but for the Super Robots) then got
really hooked (would lik to thank some of my local otaku friends who filled
me in). Then they showed G-Wing on local TV, then G-Gundam, plus
started collecting the 3 movies and the OVA (still have no last part of 08
MS and eps 4+ of 0080). Am now 21 am highly (dangerously is a better word)
addicted to gundam! And you...

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I'm 17 along with some of the other GMLers. I got into Gundam after watching
the MSG movies then I started watching about everything else. :)

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