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> Funny how you read the caption but didn't finish reading
> the rest - the webmaster did express surprise/disbelief
> about the possibility of stuffing a Core Fighter into the
> GP03S, given it's got a linear seat system. This was
> printed right under the caption.

I am not "bashing" the webmaster for posting that pic or anything, I am just stating
my opinion on the status of the "official" lineart. Can you honestly tell me that the
pic looks like an official lineart from Bandai? If not, then I don't really see what's
the problem with what I posted, since I don't really say anything about the site
except mentioning the part about the caption (and that's all I really read from the
site) and even then it's mostly an afterthought. I thought everybody (at least people
that have been around the list for a while) know that I "rarely" pay attention to
the "little" details - I am more concern with what I think is important, and in this
case, whether the pic is from the official sketch of MG GP03S...

-Edmund Chiu

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