Richard Ramos (
Sat, 3 Feb 2001 05:51:12 +0800

> >Dude, trust me, unless you love gundam that much....don't buy that many
> >kits, LOL! I mean, I collected that over a period of ...gee, ten years!
> >and prices were really fcheap at teh beginning because tehy were clearing
> >old stocks...only lately...UGH. prices have skyrocketed.
> How were prices before Wing anyway? Is it because of Wing's popularity
> prices went up?

I don't remember anymore how much it was. But yes, Wing was
responsible...which isn't tpoo bad, because back then the problem was cheap
kits but not a very good selection.

> >Well, dude, all you have to do is spread the word!
> Believe me, everyone around me just hears "Gundam this...and....Gundam
> that." Even my friends who are really into anime are telling me to calm
> down. And I think I have a problem, I just can't stop building kits! :0

uh-oh. I think you have to find a relationship...LOL!

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