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Sat, 3 Feb 2001 19:14:36 -0500

> I dont know about where you live, but Gundam models before Wing were only
> available in 2 stores out of 30 in my town. Thanks to Gundam Wing, they
> in all but 1 store now, with good availability of series, not just Wing.
> (this doesn't include the Wal-Mart example of course)

Except for Wal-Mart's good prices, the other store I found them at charges a
fortune and it made import prices seem low! They charged about $20 for the
1/144 kits(Wing, X) and $30 for the 1/100 kits and $20 for a Wing Gundam SD
kit, that's only about 700 yen at HLJ. Needless to say, all I bought was two
3rd rules D and D books. I've never played it, but thought I'd try it.

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