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I dont know about where you live, but Gundam models before Wing were only
available in 2 stores out of 30 in my town. Thanks to Gundam Wing, they are
in all but 1 store now, with good availability of series, not just Wing.
(this doesn't include the Wal-Mart example of course)

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> ...
> Gundam Wing models were available at various toy and department stores
> months before Gundam Wing ever aired.
> Why would First Gundam (et all) be any different? Bandai is only putting
> Gundam on TV for one reason: sell toys and model kits. You honestly think
> they would go to the expense of dubbing and digitally restoring/enhancing
> the TV series if they didn't have plans to flood the market with
> merchandise?
> That's how the world works =)


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