Ahsan Khan (deathscythe26@hotmail.com)
Sat, 03 Feb 2001 20:20:56 -0000

>Dude, trust me, unless you love gundam that much....don't buy that many
>kits, LOL! I mean, I collected that over a period of ...gee, ten years!
>and prices were really fcheap at teh beginning because tehy were clearing
>old stocks...only lately...UGH. prices have skyrocketed.

How were prices before Wing anyway? Is it because of Wing's popularity that
prices went up?

>Well, dude, all you have to do is spread the word!

Believe me, everyone around me just hears "Gundam this...and....Gundam
that." Even my friends who are really into anime are telling me to calm
down. And I think I have a problem, I just can't stop building kits! :0

Ahsan "covered in BanDai's system-injected plastic" Khan
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