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Sat, 3 Feb 2001 04:13:52 +0800

> Now, to answer your question, my friend told me that the original series
> Zeta are above and beyond Wing in terms of quality. I joined the list so I
> could be just like my hero, Richie Ramos and his collection of 200+ kits.
> j/k! My first few experience with the list showed that there are some
> cool people on the list who are ready to answer even the most inane
> questions. Mr. Jae, Dr. Core, Mr. Simmons to name a few. (I think the
> time I wrote I asked about inflated prices on kits in the US) Everyone on
> the list could have shunned me away and said "get lost Winger. Find your
> freakin kits."

Dude, trust me, unless you love gundam that much....don't buy that many
kits, LOL! I mean, I collected that over a period of ...gee, ten years!
and prices were really fcheap at teh beginning because tehy were clearing
old stocks...only lately...UGH. prices have skyrocketed.

> Thanks to list I have the basic idea of UC and I think the concept is far
> more appealing than AC. This is much more than "regular cranky foulmouth
> year old winger" stereotype knows. From the list I learned how to make
> kits (Love them kits!). Plus, I am a big sci-fi nut and who wouldn't want
> their own mobile suit? (Still waiting for my Hyaku-Shiki)

Well, dude, all you have to do is spread the word!

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