Ahsan Khan (deathscythe26@hotmail.com)
Sat, 03 Feb 2001 18:42:43 -0000

>Well, I think. According to internet rumors (SMALL SPOILERS!!!!) Jar-Jar
> >becomes the representative of the Gungans in the Galactic
>senate...Amidalia, >on the other hand, has taken over Palpatine's old seat
>for the Naboo. >Jar-Jar probably appears at the beginning during a senate
>meeting, then >appears in a small conference with Palpatine, and then
>apparentally appears >at the end of the film. He doesn't leave Coruscant,
>where much of Episode II >will be set. > If you want to know the whole plot
>e-mail me privately.

Or go to www.theforce.net, they always have lots of news (beware of spoliers
though, even though I don't :P )
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