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Sat, 03 Feb 2001 18:40:00 -0000

>Why are you on this list if you like gundam wing but have never seen MSG?

Gudam Wing IMO is a cool show period. It had good dub. Some good animation
and music. There has never been an anime show on TV that has been on par
with that. (I'm talkin about Toonami) DBZ has some lousy voice acting and
edits, Tenchi is just plain weird.

But after watching the show with its invicible suits destroying everything
with one shot and the weird twisted storyline I began to wonder if there
were any other "Gundamish" shows. Of course there are, I told myself, how
can you say Japanese and not say mech. I mean, I loved Voltron when I was
little! I asked some of my friends and they told me about MSG. I borrowed a
bootleg copy of CCA and I was hooked. I was going to buy more subs but when
I heard that MSG was coming to the US I stopped myself.

Now, to answer your question, my friend told me that the original series and
Zeta are above and beyond Wing in terms of quality. I joined the list so I
could be just like my hero, Richie Ramos and his collection of 200+ kits.
j/k! My first few experience with the list showed that there are some really
cool people on the list who are ready to answer even the most inane
questions. Mr. Jae, Dr. Core, Mr. Simmons to name a few. (I think the first
time I wrote I asked about inflated prices on kits in the US) Everyone on
the list could have shunned me away and said "get lost Winger. Find your own
freakin kits."

Thanks to list I have the basic idea of UC and I think the concept is far
more appealing than AC. This is much more than "regular cranky foulmouth 15
year old winger" stereotype knows. From the list I learned how to make great
kits (Love them kits!). Plus, I am a big sci-fi nut and who wouldn't want
their own mobile suit? (Still waiting for my Hyaku-Shiki)

Ahsan "Still Sleepy" Khan
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