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Well, I think. According to internet rumors (SMALL SPOILERS!!!!) Jar-Jar
becomes the representative of the Gungans in the Galactic senate...Amidalia,
on the other hand, has taken over Palpatine's old seat for the Naboo.
Jar-Jar probably appears at the beginning during a senate meeting, then
appears in a small conference with Palpatine, and then apparentally appears
at the end of the film. He doesn't leave Coruscant, where much of Episode II
will be set.
  If you want to know the whole plot e-mail me privately.
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    Well, now it's kind of more about Anakin and his rise and fall, and then
    redemption through his children...BTW Episode II will be a better film
    Why? Jar-Jar's only in three small scenes.

    really? just three scenes? thats the best news i've heard all day with
    these guys pissed at me

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