Sat, 3 Feb 2001 13:04:27 EST

> Consider: Scooby Doo's recent comeback, despite possibly the worst animation
> on TV

But technically, Scooby Doo is an America institution (I know I'm making a
big stretch with a statement like that), Gundam is not. And almost all of
Toonami is the 5-15 age group. They'll say the animation is crappy, the
mech's aren't blowing up everything in sight, and not watch. But then again
like Richie said, we have to "teach" them. Excuse me for being pessimistic,
but I doubt kids pumped up on Pokemon, "Who Let The Dogs Out" (Please kill
me!), and every other crappy fad to roll along will learn anything from the
exclusive, elitist fans. And those casual anime fans, who have seen more than
just the over-commercialized anime, will say the same thing: Crappy
Animation. The only non-Gundam anime fans, the supposed "otakus" will enjoy
MSG in the slightest. (Maybe not the self-proclaimed "otakus" in my
neighborhood; I mentioned Galaxy Express to one of them, and the response was
less then, shall we say, knowing.) I guess the point is from pseudorantings
is that Toonami's audience will not enjoy the retro look of MSG. They'll ask
why a basketball robot is there instead of a cute electric rat, why the
Gundam is so festively decorated, and ask why the "bad guys" have better
weaponry than the "good guys". The casual anime fans are the ones to bring
into the Gundam fandom. They're the only ones that will keep an open mind.
Without an open mind, they wouldn't even have gotten into anime. By the way,
I am grateful MSG is being released commercialy here in the good ol' US of
AK47. Sorry, but my local news has been bumming me out lately. Hopefully
they'll release an MG Gelgoog Cannon thanks to hopeful future popularity of
MSG. They haven't already released a Gelgoog Cannon, have they?

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