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Well I hate to admit it but I am 32 (ouch) years old :(

I happened about Gundam one day when I walked into my Local Comics store and
he was playing Chars counter attack (Japanese Bootleg) in the store I
bought it that day and I have been hooked ever since
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  im 16, just got into gundam stuff two years ago.
  funny how i learned almost all the info in the
  short a time?

  -dave, webmaster
  Home of the PG W-Zero and PG Gundam

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      how old are you guys? just wondering. some of you seem
      to be older, wiser, and experienced. And some of you
      (esp. Richie Ramos) seem to be so well off that you
      own almost every Gundam kits ever made.

    I'll be 22 on the 14th of this month

    Seiya Kou

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