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> Hey, I'm a "Winger". Well, I'm looking forward to "First Gundam" (Sounds
> weird). Anyway, how bad can the animation be. Is it kinda like Ronin
> Warriors or even worse? I don't really care about animation if the story
> really draws people in. Look at Star Wars, the first time I saw it I was
> drawn into a whole new world. I didn't care about the crappy lines "I have
> a
> bad feeling about this" (They've used that in every one so far....) or the
> "outdated" look of the film. It was the story. Plus I want some MG's
> cheaper! Don't worry if newcomers are walking around with shirts with a bad
> lookin' Zaku on it. Tell them where it came from. Why do you think I joined
> the GML in the first place. I mean I knew I heard Gundam somewhere else.
> Asking some of my friends lead me into the depths of anime. If they acted
> "superior" I would still be in the dark.

Why are you on this list if you like gundam wing but have never seen MSG?


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