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But are all of you (at laest a good part of you) the persons whose me-mails I am reading from the last year or are you (or am I) the Alternate Universe's GMLers with ther same names but with diffeent ideas? What has happened to the discussions about the next PG (many of youn wanted it to be a First Gundam series' MS or I am mistaking), about the next videogame and the past ones (most of them were about UC Gundam Saga, am I mistaking once again?), about the best female characters (weren't they all from UC Gundam series?).
You aren't the GMLers I have believed to lhave learnt to understand. Perhaps I am dreaming and tomorrow things will be back to the normality. If it is not so, tell me why do japanese people again like the old (I don't like this word) MS Gundam series.

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  On Jan 24, It was put on that The origianal Gundam series is
  coming to cartoon network. I think this is a very bad thing, considering that
  I don't want MSG to go that commercial. It happened to Dragon Ball Z when it
  was put on Cartoon Network.. My only hope is that Gundam Wing fans will
  consider the MSG animation "crappy" compared to Gundam Wing, and it will be
  taken off the air. Please God...

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