Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 3 Feb 2001 03:57:49 -0800

>> Pic of the lineart is here - though I can't confirm if
>its for the MG
>> though:
>> http://www.hga.com.tw/
>It must be a joke or something, since the linear art
>seems more like amature art work than your typical
>Bandai linear art, not to mention that the lineart also
>contain something that look like a F-14 or a
>corefighter, something which we all know have no real
>relationship with the GP03S or even GP03D at all (there
>is no core fighter in GP03 because GP03 has linear seat
>and it made a corefighter system impossible). Unless
>Bandai came up with a really creative way of doing
>models, I would say it would be a fan's impression of
>what the MG GP03S should be...
>As a sidenote, the caption above the pic does said it's
>lineart for MG GP03S...
>-Edmund Chiu

Funny how you read the caption but didn't finish reading
the rest - the webmaster did express surprise/disbelief
about the possibility of stuffing a Core Fighter into the
GP03S, given it's got a linear seat system. This was
printed right under the caption.


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