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Sat, 3 Feb 2001 02:44:58 -0800 (PST)

--- Gundam EZEight <> wrote:
> the MG's are getting more detailed. for example, the
> Kaempfer seems to have body mech details, and so
> does
> the Nu. Do you guys think it's at all possible that
> the MG Gundam ver.2.0, when and if it comes out,
> would
> be almost exactly like the PG Gundam?

doesn't the 1.5 already look similar enough to the
perfect grade?

still, even with the similarity, i wasn't compelled to
buy the 1.5 master grade. it just wasn't improved
enough, and not different enough. i want to see an
rx78 similar to the retooled version you see on
katoki's gundam fix book -- more details, more lines,
more grooves, more technical stuff crammed onto it feet like mark simmons' gundams (i'm
not kidding, i saw an rx78 like that...on hobby japan
magazine or hobby magazine...not sure).

if they did that with a gm though, i'd snap it up
without second thought. :)


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