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Blazeeagle writes,

>It doesn't really matter to me, as one, the background info. in the US
>release kit manuals was not translated, just a little slip of paper included
>with the original, Japanese manual, second the kits are easy enough to buy
>imported and third, with the slow US release of the various Gundam anime
>titles and the great, info. filled sites like The Gundam Project and the
>Mecha Domain, supply all the need to know Gundam info.

  Not to mention that Bandai's site has translations
of most of the kit manual text. (Or at least, as much of it as I could
fit into the space available. ;-) The same will be true for the upcoming
domestic releases.

>The figures release in the US where a big hit, as I still cannot easily find
>them off or online and everywhere I look, the GW and espcially the EW ones
>have been sold out/backordered for weeks, going into months.

  And the Leo still hasn't been released overseas. So you can really feel
sorry for Japanese and Hong Kong fans on this score...

-- Mark

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