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 Well, according to various action figure forums online, espcailly the
Raving Toy Maniacs Buzz Board, even people who's never bought a model kit or
heard of Gundam, LOVED them, espcailly because alot don't really need paint
or glue to build. So, it's likely safe to say there is a demand for these
type of kits. While maybe not a huge demand, the point is, there is a demand
for them, no matter this demands size.

It doesn't really matter to me, as one, the background info. in the US
release kit manuals was not translated, just a little slip of paper included
with the original, Japanese manual, second the kits are easy enough to buy
imported and third, with the slow US release of the various Gundam anime
titles and the great, info. filled sites like The Gundam Project and the
Mecha Domain, supply all the need to know Gundam info.

The figures release in the US where a big hit, as I still cannot easily find
them off or online and everywhere I look, the GW and espcially the EW ones
have been sold out/backordered for weeks, going into months. I hope there
will be HK versions of the EW figures, so I can get ahold of these figures
for myself. Imported Gundam stuff is easier to find then the US release
figures! If that's not a sign of success, then I don't know what is. GW
wasn't even complained about by the NBC Television news.

If the other Gundam shows keep up the demand like GW has, it won't be long
before we see those little SD Gundam's in US vending machines and the
various other Gundam product. I'd love to play the SRPG SD Gundam games. I
love SRPG's and games like Front Mission 3. There's not enough SRPG's like
Langrisser here in the US. While I like action and RPG games, I cannot get
enough of SRPGs. If I could read Japanese this wouldn't be a problem,

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