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Have you seen the pictures of her on Tatooine? Pretty nice...
Christ, Episode II won't be out for a year-and-a-half and George Lucas is
not only throwing a bunch of pictures at us using the official site, but
also the insider magazine and other sources...Lucas is giving away a lot,
although most of the pictures we've seen are of already established
characters. But with all the pics coming out you'd expect the film would be
ready by this Summer.
 It's a good thing JJ isn't going to do too much. I think the documentary
Ahmed has at the official site is probably compensation for him. Looks like
George is listening to the fans after all.

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>Well, now it's kind of more about Anakin and his rise and fall, and then
>redemption through his children...BTW Episode II will be a better film :)
>Why? Jar-Jar's only in three small scenes.

Amen brother. Not to mention: Boba Fett's dad, Clones galore, Mace Windu
kickin ass, Yoda (that little bugger) kickin ass, Anakin and Obi-Wan kickin
ass. Not to mention the dark side. (he he he) And I hope we get to see
Portman (Amidala/Padme)in a steel bikini!

Ahsan "Did I eat it?" Khan
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