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Yep, Episode II should be cool. I saw something on Tv that Portman is not
going to be in it or III, for that matter, as she said she doesn't want to
do another SW movie. Looks aside, I thought she was an excellent actor, at
least in Episode I.

To keep this on topic, It is good that First Gundam will be on CN. Although,
this is old news, as it's been rumored for months and was confirmed in a
recent Interview with the head Toonami person. It's set for a mid to late
Summer release on Cn, as it's taking them longer to get it ready then they

Everyone just needs to keep an open mind. The GW dub was good, so this one
should get an even better dub. Besides, they have to show First Gundam
before showing stuff Z, ZZ, CCA, V, etc. While showing the movies would do
the job, the series is better because the 3 movies are LOOONG and even
without seeing the series, the movies seem to leave out things that are
important to get a feel for each characters personality, espcially Char and
Amuro. While I like both, maybe Char a bit more then Amuro, both seem to
have vital charecter/personality chunks missing in the movies, that I hope
the series will fill in.

While I like GW, 0079 seems *much* deeper and more developed then GW is.
0079 has much more interesting characters and story, then GW, at least to
me. It is more realstic then GW, but that's why I like them both, as both
have a different feel to them. GW is not great, nor is it bad, it's just an
alternate take on Gundam, both are equally deserved to be part of the Gundam
legacy, despite somes feelings on GW. Except for the 20th century seeming
tech. level of GW, some of it's MS designs would fit well in UC, I.E. the
Leo's, the Tallgeese, the V and M, the other mass production MS.

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