Richard Ramos (
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 20:35:13 +0800

> but for those who grew up on super robots,
> starblazers, speed racer, everything 0079 might be
> nostalgic (i still think the 0079 mech designs are
> dorky, dinky and goofy, but that's just my personal
> preference speaking).

Actually, I find them to be blueprints for whole generations of
the chest vents and the headspikes...and the really big stomping feet.

> me and my friends have had our share of "stupid
> wing/GG assertions that pisses off UC fans". just
> ask richie ramos, who has had to pass off his gundam
> kits as lowly tamiya 4wd racers (many many times), has
> had the misfortune of his zeta gundam being mistaken
> as a wing, his nu gundam as deathscythe. worst of
> all, richie himself has been mistaken for a wing-nut
> and a g gundam nut by overeager salespeople at toy
> shops.
> -garr
> whose sworn duty is to remind richie of ignoble events
> every now and then...


I had to get past bomb sniffers fast so I wouldn't be hassled into opening
my kit boxes, so I tld them that the boxes conatined 4WD racers...

Yeah, I couldn't believe my Zeta was mistaken for a Wing...I mean, damn! as
for hte Nu, no comment...

An what's wrong with being a G and WIng nut? I AM a gundajm nut...I love
all the series, just to see how they can stretch the basic conept in
different ways.

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