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Fri, 2 Feb 2001 20:30:49 +0800

> elitism and exclusivism...aren't they quaint little
> things? :)

Took the words right out of my mouth!

> i understand those sentiments (as a d&d gamer,
> tabletop wargamer, and an indulgent of other
> non-mainstream religious beliefs and music genres),
> but i don't really encourage them.

Yes. As a BESM RPG gamer myself, and as a kitmaker, I guess that I have
found myself wanting people to stay out of my "circle", but I do realize
that it would be hurting that chances of finding more money for the
companies...Besides, it just smacks of the "little-known-kick-ass-band

> point is -- there is more to life than anime and
> gundam (at least, there is to mine, and i hope there
> is to yours, too). instead of all this bitching,
> whining, wailing and moaning about how first gundam is
> gonna be squashed coz of sTuPidAss wIngerZ (not
> necessarily my opinion) and anime know-nothings, just
> suck it in, and appreciate the fact that you are
> getting a chance at seeing 0079 on tv MADE EXCLUSIVELY

I wouldn't put it tyhat bluntly, but yes, I would say that our Western
friends should be happy that their getting this shot at in the
Philippines, it's just the black market and the kits...

And yes, there is more to life than anime. In my case, I have 240 kits to
tell me that I am partly lying, LOL!

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