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I don't know if any one has reviewed the March
issue of Hobby Japan (I just picked up today),
but there are some nice pix of FA-78-1 Full-Armour
Gundam. It shows the actual toy and all the cool
add-on armour as well as the actual box that contains it.

On the next page though it shows another Gundam
Fix Figuration toy. I believe it is the PF-78-1.
Is that one being produced as well? Is this #2?

Now it was previously mentioned on the ML that
there was a third GFF toy. Did anyone confirm what it
was? And when are these babies gonna be on sale,
if there not already? And just quickly looking I couldn't
really locate the price of one of these. Any one know?

And quickly the March issue profiles the new Kampher
MG kit (boy i neeeeed one!), along with the MG Alex.
Alot of focus on 0080 kits both customised (both the
MS-14 JG + the NS-06FZ Zaku II) and a scratch build
of a RX-77D Guncannon type-d. Three nice dioramas,
the first one of that opening battle sequince with 2 Hygogs
and one Zugock (very nice!) and second be of the Alex
and Kampher about to duke it out and the third diorama
being again of the Alex and this time the Zaku in the final
fight scene in the forest.

there is even more stuff Gundam related, but i have no
time to get into (it is Saturday night and i've got some
serious clubbing to do). So please can some one else
summerise the rest? Thanks in advance...


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