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Fri, 2 Feb 2001 20:05:21 +0800

> >My only hope is that Gundam Wing fans will
> >consider the MSG animation "crappy" compared to Gundam Wing, and it will
> >taken off the air. Please God...
> Yeah, and why stop there? If only they'd stop making Gundam series in
> Japan, too! And no more model kits for all those unworthy fans to build!
> In fact, what would be _really_ perfect would be if they'd never created
> Gundam in the first place. Now that would be sweeeeeet!
> Okay, that was a little heavy-handed, but really...
> -- mark

I had originally wanted to stay quiet, but then, I guess people should just
realize: what I hear just smacks of a sort of elitism. As Mark has
implied, we have to accept this commercialization, since it will allow for
us to get more stuff. Why not set up a nice friendship with your local shop
and get reserve rights, like we have here in the Philippines? I have
reserve rights in my favorite the new stuff that I'm looking for
is reserved for me for a week. It's not a bad thing.

But I agree, even if Gundam TOS never becomes a "big hit", it is still
imperative that people see where all the heck this Gundam came from. Not to
mention it would be great for the marketing push.

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