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Sat, 03 Feb 2001 03:56:38 -0000

> >
> > Hey, I'm a "Winger". Well, I'm looking forward to
> > "First Gundam" (Sounds
> > weird). Anyway, how bad can the animation be. Is it
> > kinda like Ronin
> > Warriors or even worse?
>quite frankly, the animation itself is NOT that bad
>(it's good enough to not deter you from the story --
>and anyone who can appreciate wing's long and
>convoluted plot is a shoo-in for UC fandom :P). it's
>the aesthetics of the mech designs that could be a
>serious turn off.

I actually think the mech designs are cool. A little campy but cool.
Espiecially, Zaku II and Gouf. The Core system is novel too.

>if you were hooked on mecha anime due to the glitzy
>and glamourous animation of recent fare like macross
>plus and endless waltz, you might say 0079 is bad --
>both in animation and mech design.

Macross Plus was cool but the characters were somewhat well...dumb.

>but for those who grew up on super robots,
>starblazers, speed racer, everything 0079 might be
>nostalgic (i still think the 0079 mech designs are
>dorky, dinky and goofy, but that's just my personal
>preference speaking).

I love Speed Racer. Go Speed Racer Go! Seriously, the RX-78 is a little
"festively" colored. Other than that its the grandfather of countless

> >I don't really care about
> > animation if the story
> > really draws people in.
>well, 0079 story shines through animation and designs.
> >Look at Star Wars, the first
> > time I saw it I was
> > drawn into a whole new world. I didn't care about
> > the crappy lines "I have a
> > bad feeling about this" (They've used that in every
> > one so far....)
>er...i actually *liked* those lines. :P star wars
>gets away with campy dialogue, if you haven't noticed.
> >or the
> > "outdated" look of the film.
>i didn't think the aethetics of the original trilogy
>looked outdated. star wars felt rugged to me --
>'sci-fantasy roughing it up'. star trek, on the other
>hand, felt too insular, cleaned up and smooth to me.
>(nevermind star trek TNG)
> >It was the story.
>hmm...i'd say it was the way lucas presented the story
>of star wars trilogy. broken down to the basics, the
>whole saga is nothing more than a coming of age, save
>the princess, save the world plot. it was the
>setting and panache (alien designs, light sabers,
>trench runs) and nifty harrison ford acting that
>carried star wars. princesses in steel bikinis
>definitely count, too. :)

You know when Luke, Leia and Han are stuck in the trash compactor and you
can see the junk flating around and it looks like styrofoam. Steel Bikinis

> >Plus
> > I want some MG's
> > cheaper! Don't worry if newcomers are walking around
> > with shirts with a bad
> > lookin' Zaku on it. Tell them where it came from.
> > Why do you think I joined
> > the GML in the first place. I mean I knew I heard
> > Gundam somewhere else.
> > Asking some of my friends lead me into the depths of
> > anime. If they acted
> > "superior" I would still be in the dark.
> >
> > Ahsan "Haman" Khan
>me and my friends have had our share of "stupid
>wing/GG assertions that pisses off UC fans". just
>ask richie ramos, who has had to pass off his gundam
>kits as lowly tamiya 4wd racers (many many times), has
>had the misfortune of his zeta gundam being mistaken
>as a wing, his nu gundam as deathscythe. worst of
>all, richie himself has been mistaken for a wing-nut
>and a g gundam nut by overeager salespeople at toy

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