garrick lee (
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 19:11:36 -0800 (PST)

> Hey, I'm a "Winger". Well, I'm looking forward to
> "First Gundam" (Sounds
> weird). Anyway, how bad can the animation be. Is it
> kinda like Ronin
> Warriors or even worse?

quite frankly, the animation itself is NOT that bad
(it's good enough to not deter you from the story --
and anyone who can appreciate wing's long and
convoluted plot is a shoo-in for UC fandom :P). it's
the aesthetics of the mech designs that could be a
serious turn off.

if you were hooked on mecha anime due to the glitzy
and glamourous animation of recent fare like macross
plus and endless waltz, you might say 0079 is bad --
both in animation and mech design.

but for those who grew up on super robots,
starblazers, speed racer, everything 0079 might be
nostalgic (i still think the 0079 mech designs are
dorky, dinky and goofy, but that's just my personal
preference speaking).

>I don't really care about
> animation if the story
> really draws people in.

well, 0079 story shines through animation and designs.

>Look at Star Wars, the first
> time I saw it I was
> drawn into a whole new world. I didn't care about
> the crappy lines "I have a
> bad feeling about this" (They've used that in every
> one so far....)

er...i actually *liked* those lines. :P star wars
gets away with campy dialogue, if you haven't noticed.

>or the
> "outdated" look of the film.

i didn't think the aethetics of the original trilogy
looked outdated. star wars felt rugged to me --
'sci-fantasy roughing it up'. star trek, on the other
hand, felt too insular, cleaned up and smooth to me.
(nevermind star trek TNG)

>It was the story.

hmm...i'd say it was the way lucas presented the story
of star wars trilogy. broken down to the basics, the
whole saga is nothing more than a coming of age, save
the princess, save the world plot. it was the
setting and panache (alien designs, light sabers,
trench runs) and nifty harrison ford acting that
carried star wars. princesses in steel bikinis
definitely count, too. :)

> I want some MG's
> cheaper! Don't worry if newcomers are walking around
> with shirts with a bad
> lookin' Zaku on it. Tell them where it came from.
> Why do you think I joined
> the GML in the first place. I mean I knew I heard
> Gundam somewhere else.
> Asking some of my friends lead me into the depths of
> anime. If they acted
> "superior" I would still be in the dark.
> Ahsan "Haman" Khan

me and my friends have had our share of "stupid
wing/GG assertions that pisses off UC fans". just
ask richie ramos, who has had to pass off his gundam
kits as lowly tamiya 4wd racers (many many times), has
had the misfortune of his zeta gundam being mistaken
as a wing, his nu gundam as deathscythe. worst of
all, richie himself has been mistaken for a wing-nut
and a g gundam nut by overeager salespeople at toy


whose sworn duty is to remind richie of ignoble events
every now and then...

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