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> > On Jan 24, It was put on that The
> origianal Gundam series is
> > coming to cartoon network. I think this is a very
> bad thing, considering that
> > I don't want MSG to go that commercial. It
> happened to Dragon Ball Z when it
> > was put on Cartoon Network.. My only hope is that
> Gundam Wing fans will
> > consider the MSG animation "crappy" compared to
> Gundam Wing, and it will be
> > taken off the air. Please God...
> I might be of the same opinion, but I also think he
> mainstream should be given a fair chance. I can't
> watch this version of Gundam (I'm in the
> Philippines) but I have seen what cartoonNetwork did
> to DragonBallZ and I think that was a travesty. If
> they decide to cancel UC0079 because most consumers
> think it not above expectation, then that's their
> problem. The only case here is whether cartoon
> network will bastardize the original Gundam. If they
> don't, then fine,all who see it will get to judge it
> fairly and if they have any taste, they'll probably
> enjoy it immensely. If not well...
> I can relate to his mentality. It was the same with
> thrash metal and punk movement in my country around
> 1994. When it started out, there were only a handful
> of rock bands in the scene and it was great to be
> able to enjoy such "exclusivity" among a small group
> of dedicated hardcores. When it gained popularity,
> you got to see every idiot walking around wearing a
> fake Iron Maiden t-shirt singing "master of
> puppets". The point is, if it's mainstream somehow
> it's tainted and it hurts the really hardcore to see
> people take for granted what once was "rare" and
> "important".
> There was nothing I could do then, and there's damn
> little any of us can do about it now.
> Abet

elitism and exclusivism...aren't they quaint little
things? :)

i understand those sentiments (as a d&d gamer,
tabletop wargamer, and an indulgent of other
non-mainstream religious beliefs and music genres),
but i don't really encourage them.

i don't mean to wax psychologist here but in my
experience, this sort of elitism forms a vicious cycle
with insecurity and unhealthy levels of fandom. some
people hold something to a much higher level of
sanctity than it deserves, take the whole shebang too
frigging seriously, and/or stake a lot of their
identity on something that's exclusively (for the
meantime) their hobby.

as a member of the "rocket punch" generation (or maybe
"wave motion" generation) of anime fandom, there
resides, somewhere in the deep recesses of my twisted
mind, subliminal memories of astroboy (and marineboy,
and candy candy, etc.). :P er...that is to say i've
been around anime a long time too (though i don't
memorize everything there is to an anime), and it just
makes me laugh to see other people (who most likely
have less exposure to anime) get so huffy and all
caught up with the overrated (definitely overrated)
glory of "anime" and start slamming other people as
"anime know nothings".

anime is just a cartoon, style and medium from the
japanese. nothing more, nothing less. and gundam
comprises just a small bit of the entirety of anime
shows. we shouldn't get all swellheaded and uppity
and start telling other people what anime is about,
what gundam is about, what liking color fuschia is
about, what cats and dogs are about, yaddayaddayadda.

point is -- there is more to life than anime and
gundam (at least, there is to mine, and i hope there
is to yours, too). instead of all this bitching,
whining, wailing and moaning about how first gundam is
gonna be squashed coz of sTuPidAss wIngerZ (not
necessarily my opinion) and anime know-nothings, just
suck it in, and appreciate the fact that you are
getting a chance at seeing 0079 on tv MADE EXCLUSIVELY
you're getting it all on a platinum platter, and yet
you complain, while the rest of us envy you. your
opportunity is a whole helluva lot more golden than
what we non-american non-japanese gundam fans have --
you get the shows, you get the dvd's, you get the
commercial releases -- while we resort to official
releases marked up 200 or 300 percent or to pirated
copies (and get dissed on because of it), but we don't
whine about it -- but let's not open that can of worms
again please.

realize that a successful north-american launch of UC
gundam is a DAMN FINGER LICKING GOOD thing for gundam
fans worldwide. don't be dickheads about it just
because of something as petty as wanting to preserve
silly little elitist circles of exclusive
self-proclaimed trueblooded real deal hardcore
fandoms. sheesh.

ok, i'm done ranting. :)

maybe i wouldn't be too much an asshole about this if
everything anime (availability and price) didn't all
suddenly depend on the american market, like it has
for the past few years.

*big fat hairy sigh*

the grouch

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