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Having no relation to the topic but just to say something about it...
But does anyone feel my pity for the animators that must constantly draw the
main character (his name escapes me for the time being) without any garments
on.. I haven't seen alot of the series yet but enough and he tends to be
naked at least once in every episode..

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> Thanx for the good advices! Afterall, I think GWing is the only gundam
> series I've ever really gotten into. My cousin has seen them all and he
> even thought that GWing was pitiful because there were no 'close
> hand-to-hand combats'. I do's basically mobil suits shooting at
> each other from a mile away. The only close combats were probably with
> Epyon and Wing0...but that's about it.
> Well, you never know, I'd really like to see Turn A also. I've heard about
> it and if it does come out soon, I'd love to watch it!
> ~Aoi

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