Sat, 03 Feb 2001 01:21:32 +0000

> Pic of the lineart is here - though I can't confirm if
its for the MG
> though:
> http://www.hga.com.tw/

It must be a joke or something, since the linear art
seems more like amature art work than your typical
Bandai linear art, not to mention that the lineart also
contain something that look like a F-14 or a
corefighter, something which we all know have no real
relationship with the GP03S or even GP03D at all (there
is no core fighter in GP03 because GP03 has linear seat
and it made a corefighter system impossible). Unless
Bandai came up with a really creative way of doing
models, I would say it would be a fan's impression of
what the MG GP03S should be...

As a sidenote, the caption above the pic does said it's
lineart for MG GP03S...

-Edmund Chiu

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