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GX was after Wing. Of course, its a bloody awful show suffering from monster-of-the-week syndrome the likes of which haven't been seen since First Gundam (which at least had an excuse, since that was par for the course). It was also the only Gundam series to ever be cancelled (again, except First Gundam, but that at least got a reprieve).
Showing only newer series would make no sense, though. You'd get Gundam X (and its pittance of merchandise, a handful of model kits), then Turn A Gundam (with even less merchandising) and then ... uhh ... thats it =)
Starting with First Gundam means you get a positive shitload of models (of various grades), toys and such, plus all of the subsequent UC series.
Bandai did their homework here ... the profit potential in the UC series is _much_ greater than the limited appeal of X. I am looking forward to seeing Turn A, though. Much more classic Gundam than Wing or X, and easily the best alternate universe (if it even is ... ;p)

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Yeah, well I was actually *hoping* that they would put Gundam X on air instead of the MSG. Why? I dunno...I guess just because I wanted to see the later series of Gundam instead of the earlier ones. It would kind of make sense to put on the shows following GWing. But wait...was GX created before or after GW?

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On Jan 24, It was put on that The origianal Gundam series is coming to cartoon network. I think this is a very bad thing, considering that I don't want MSG to go that commercial. It happened to Dragon Ball Z when it was put on Cartoon Network.. My only hope is that Gundam Wing fans will consider the MSG animation "crappy" compared to Gundam Wing, and it will be taken off the air. Please God...

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