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> On Jan 24, It was put on Gundam.com that The origianal Gundam series is > coming to cartoon network. I think this is a very bad thing, considering that > I don't want MSG to go that commercial. It happened to Dragon Ball Z when it > was put on Cartoon Network.. My only hope is that Gundam Wing fans will > consider the MSG animation "crappy" compared to Gundam Wing, and it will be > taken off the air. Please God...

I might be of the same opinion, but I also think he mainstream should be given a fair chance. I can't watch this version of Gundam (I'm in the Philippines) but I have seen what cartoonNetwork did to DragonBallZ and I think that was a travesty. If they decide to cancel UC0079 because most consumers think it not above expectation, then that's their problem. The only case here is whether cartoon network will bastardize the original Gundam. If they don't, then fine,all who see it will get to judge it fairly and if they have any taste, they'll probably enjoy it immensely. If not well...

I can relate to his mentality. It was the same with thrash metal and punk movement in my country around 1994. When it started out, there were only a handful of rock bands in the scene and it was great to be able to enjoy such "exclusivity" among a small group of dedicated hardcores. When it gained popularity, you got to see every idiot walking around wearing a fake Iron Maiden t-shirt singing "master of puppets". The point is, if it's mainstream somehow it's tainted and it hurts the really hardcore to see people take for granted what once was "rare" and "important".

There was nothing I could do then, and there's damn little any of us can do about it now.

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