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Why the superior attitude? =)
I admit I sometimes suffer from the same feelings when I shake my head at some of the clueless things I've seen Wing fans say in various places, but who am I to judge?
Everyone has the right to be a Gundam fan, and just because you (or I) have been a fan longer doesn't give us the right to tell other people that they can't be Gundam fans.
Being proactive and helping people learn that Gundam is so much more than just Wing benefits everybody ... increased popularity in Gundam leads to more cool stuff released State-side for us, and new fans can appreciate Gundam on a whole other level.
Actually, your attitude is something a lot of longtime anime fans have ... they feel slighted that this new breed of anime fan is infringing on a subculture that was once their sole domain. I say ... so what? In relative terms, I've only been an anime fan for a short period of time (a little over 2 years, I guess), but appropriate encouragement from others taught me to respect it. Calling someone an anime know-nothing helps nobody, whereas expending the same effort to help make them "know-somethings" will be much more beneficial ... understand? =)

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I was just saying I am happy with Gundams popularity and availibility now, and that I don't want to see a bunch of anime know nothings wereing gundam T shirts.

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