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Dear Goddess why would you want it to fail?
Think about it ... MSG succeeding (at least moderately well) means we get the rest of UC Gundam rushed into the states ... subtitled DVD's ... model kits at cheaper than import prices (drool), translated manga...
Gundam has _always_ been about commercialization. Regardless of how much fans like it and how good a story it's been, it _is_ an animated toy/model commercial. I _embrace_ Commercialization in this case... it's going to save me money and speed up the release of Gundam paraphernalia (strange unrelated image going through my head: Gundam drug paraphernalia. Think bong shaped in the form ZakuII head. h4w :P) over here.
Can you imagine being able to walk into your local Wal Mart and pick up the latest HGUC release off the shelf? Imagine walking in and coming out with the latest MG in one hand, and a stack of GM/Ball and ZakuII MSiA so you can create your A bao a Qu diorama?
Woo-fuckin'-hoo i say =)

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On Jan 24, It was put on that The origianal Gundam series is coming to cartoon network. I think this is a very bad thing, considering that I don't want MSG to go that commercial. It happened to Dragon Ball Z when it was put on Cartoon Network.. My only hope is that Gundam Wing fans will consider the MSG animation "crappy" compared to Gundam Wing, and it will be taken off the air. Please God...

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