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> I noticed the Gelgoog Jaeger has superior thrust and machine cannons
> to the
> gelgoog marine. this is odd, because the marine comes 3 years after
> the
> jaeger. I guess the zeon duchy was low on funds by 0083. (the marine
> is made
> by the zeon duchy, all other gelgoogs are made by the zeonic company)
> Sieg Zeon!

Actually, the Geelgog Marine, like all the other 0083 mobile suits
besides the Dra-C, was made at the end of the One-Year War (0079). The
Jaeger's high thrust is due to it being from the 0080 OVAs, which gave
all the Zeon MS high thrusts. Additionally, all were likely made by
Zeonic (which was a Zeon company).

For some reasonably good explanations, see Burke's Mecha Domain:

Also, see the resident authority, Mark Simmon's deductions on Zeon MS
production sites from last May:

     Neil Baumgardner

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