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>On 31 Jan 2001, at 18:36, -Z- wrotf:

>Does anyone on GML have Gaia Gear? It's out-of-print for a long
>time. I just checked Yahoo! Japan Auction, there are two sets
>around, but none will ship internationally. None of us can do
>synopsis for titles we do not have.

what?.. you didn't catch the Gaia Gear radio play? ^_^' I think I may still
be able to get the drama CD if that's any help.

>I have Schell Bullet I in front of me, but it does not really have much
>plot, just a lot on the background of the universe. I have II on order,
>but from what I heard, it's not much of an improvement. Without
>Ikuhara's recent personal move, I am not sure the series will go on.

I talked to Ikuhara at the con half a year ago and he seem a bit aloof on
SB. In fact he was really surprised when I brough him a SB poster to
autograph, considering I was like the only one who brought SB stuff. Guess
he was tired of signing Utena posters and dolls all day.

>As I get older and mushy, I tend to get emotional or start crying
>when Quess' name is invoked, that make it very hard for me to finish
>doing synopsis for Hathaway.
>Jim Huang

muhahaha! I always knew you had a soft spot for the little brat Jim. ^_^'

Sieg Jion!

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