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I think the kit itself may have be may in 95, but the original was from the
mid 80s. The engineering is quite different. I don't own the kit, but I
did have others from that line, and if I remember correctly, that is not a
snap kit either.
If you are up for the challenge, go ahead. The kit itself was great for
those day's standard.
For $8, how can you go wrong!! You can always use it to practice
kitbashing!! :)
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> I saw this older kit in a model store for about 8 dollars. It's the 1/100
> HiZack Kit from 1995. Having built the HGUC HiZack, I thought it'd be
> interesting to compare, since the HGUC HiZack was kinda dissapointing,
> and this 1/100 was made in 95, the same year as the first MG. Well, the
> 1/100 HiZack rules. Does anyone have it? I thought it was totally great
> with the independent fingers, inner detail (to some degree...) and just
> being frickin HUGE. Did anyone prefer this kit over the HGUC?
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