Richard Ramos (
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 01:55:23 +0800

> >being the owner of the kits that garrick has harassed, I would also say
> >they have quite a few other weaknesses, mostly on the fact that their
> >get loose quite easily, grip-wise.
> I think even some of the MG kits are not immune to this problem, however.

yes, but the way the hands are sculpted still allows for a better grip...not
like the F91 hands, which feel and look like apoplectic grips...

> >another problem is that their
> >proportions, while heroic, tend to be iffy when it comes to real-life
> I think they pose about as well or better than the 0080 kits, which came
> out around the same time but lacks the System Injection multi-color parts.

not really...I think the 0080 ones had better posability...

> >Another problem: the plastic molding is sometimes suspicious, in the
> >that they can be unexpectedly fragile in the damnedest places.
> Really? Did they break? I haven't had it happen to mine.
> Eddie

well, my f91 has problems with the knee posts....

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