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Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:46:37 -0800
They included a letters section this time responding to questions from fans
... the first of whom is none other than our very own Mark Simmons =) I
wonder if they knew just who he was ... ;p
I'd swear I saw at least one other GML'ers name in there (Peter Carranza?
I'm almost positive I've seen that name eithere here or
We also get to find out why they think of labors as unrealistic, and it's at
last said flat out the Amuro and Ling Ao Bao are one and the same ... or
rather, they serve the same purpose in the story. Most interesting.
Again, they reiterate that they know some fans won't accept it because there
won't be an 18 meter tall white mobile suit with a V-fin, a mask, and a red
chin, but at the same time they're decrying FTB as "not-Gundam" they can't
explain exactly why it isn't. And thats very true ... who knows, this could
be the most Gundam-y series yet =)
(oh, and Mark, since you got to see that website that was referenced in
relation to the CD, howzabout filling us in on the details, huh? ;p)

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