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> I'm wondering, do they have any fleshed out backstories?

Crowley Hamon -- the name "Hamon" is always given second in the printed
references -- was reputedly rescued by Ranba Lal during the Battle of Raum and
thereafter became his inseparable companion and helpmate. No specifics are
given beyond the fact that Ranba saved her life, although the phrasing suggests
that she was a resident of Side 5, not a member of the Zeon military.

Cecilia Eileen or Irene -- the kana reads "A-i-ri-i-n" and could be interpreted
either way -- is more correctly described as a "strawberry blonde" than as a
redhead. Her obvious physical attributes and devotion to Gihren are amply
displayed in the animation but we're never told anything about her. She gets a
bigger role in the novelizations, where she's anything but a "dumb blonde"
although she plays on that perception of her to spy on the rest of the staff on
Gihren's behalf, but we never learn much more about her. It's assumed by all
and sundry that she's Gihren's mistress, but as I recall that's never confirmed
in either the anime or the novelizations.


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