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> well the Vietnamese lunar is the same as the Chinese
> lunar calendar. I think the same for Korean too, but
> I'm not sure about the Japanese one either...
> --- "Dr. Core" <core@pojo.com> wrote:

The Japanese have their own unique calendar, called Nihon Kiyomi (NK), which
like its Western counterparts is solar, not lunar. Where the traditional Asian
(lunar) new year begins with the first new moon in Aries, the NK and Western new
years both begin when the sun is 10 degrees past the winter solstice, which in
astrological terms is at the ascending node or a third of the way through
Capricorn. (The sun enters Capricorn on 22 December -- the aforementioned
winter solstice -- and enters Aquarius on 20 January, covering an arc of 30
degrees in the process, so the 10 degree point is 1 January.)

The NK calendar dates from the (legendary) ascension of First Emperor Jimmu in
660 BCE. By that reckoning, this year is NK 2661.


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