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> Thomas Yung wrote:
> >>>Today's the first day of the Year of the Snake 4699. Enjoy!
> >>>
> >>>-Z-
> >Not according to an Asian calendar.
> Do the Japanese New Year co-incide with the Chinese New Year? I thought
> there are a few days' difference...
> Just to clarify, I don't think there is an "Asian
> Calendar". The Chinese New Year was last week. The Japanese (and Korean,
> Vietnamese etc etc) calendars are all based on the lunar calendar, but there
> might be some minor difference between them all.

There's no "Asian Calendar" per se but there IS a "traditional Asian New Year"
that is reckoned by a standardized Lunar calendar, in which the New Year is
marked by the first new moon is the Zodiacal constellation Aries.

The Chinese dating makes this the year 4699, but other Asian countries date from
a different year.

Observances differ. A new moon actually lasts for three days, with the
observance of the new moon on the middle day. In some Asian countries, the New
Year is only observed on the day of the new moon; in others, it's all three days
and in yet others it's the entire week in which the new moon occurs.

> Happy New Year!

And the same to you.


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