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Original novel by Masaya Takahashi

Mechanical designs by Katoki Hajime

English translations by CWMODELS <>

Chapter Two: SKIRMISH

The neighboring space near Penzu.

A brilliant red light explodes across the cockpit monitor. This is the last
sight the GM III pilot sees before death.

A Mobile Suit with a huge backpack floats motionless in the distant background.
It looks like a discarded suit with no pilot. It is the EWAC (Early Warning And

At the moment it is monitoring all the nearby activities & absorbing the combat
data's from all sides.

The electronic warfare officer inside the EWAC-Nero is staring at the situation
display consoles.


r r
                     * g
            g g g

                     * *
            * * r *
                  g r

The green dots on the screen disappears one after another. In the end only 2
red dots remain.

Electronic warfare officer: "They all got wiped out in five minutes!"

"We better get outta here!" Replies the pilot.

The EWAC-Nero comes alive as blues flames shoot out from the rare boosters.

The 2 red dots on the screen start to speed toward them.

"Shit! We've been spotted!" The pilot executes a back flip and begins a fast

Multiple red dots are showing up on the screen, and some even passes them at
great speed.

"Good god..."

As the pilot mumbles to himself, the Electronic warfare officer is downloading
all the Ada-F files from the EWAC-Nero system.

"All files are now transferred into the data pods!"

"Okay, here we go!" The pilot pushes down the button on his right hand control

Four data pods are launched from EWAC-Nero's backpack and disappear into the
darkness. At the same time, 2 red beam penetrates through EWAC-Nero's waist.

A blue ball of explosive fury goes off and lights up the two blue MS near by.

"A new electronic reconnaissance type. Looks like they were able to launched
the data pods." Says Tosh Cray.

"Does that mean the GMs we fought before were only bait for data gathering?"
Asks Josh Offshore.

"Its typical to make sacrifices for information in a war. Remember that."

Offshore nods his head. He hasn't realize the death he caused. To him this is
no different from a sporting competition.


PENTA, the Federal Forces' main relay station orbiting the Earth. Five gigantic
circular columns extends from it, and docking areas for military ships are
located at the end of each.

After leaving Earth, Task Force Alpha has stopped here for a final maintenance
check before the mission. Its remaining crew, Mobile Suits, & equipment's are
also being brought aboard here.

Ryu Roots is absolutely thrilled at the moment. His original job at the
Experimental MS Unit is to run simulation tests on new MS controls & safety.
But now he is designated as an MS pilot with Task Force Alpha.

The first good thing that happened after being transferred to the Task Force is
the change in his rank. His original rank was Ensign, but because only officers
can pilot an MS, his rank was promoted to Second Lieutenant based on field
mission rules.

But in the back of his mind he still wonders why they chose him.

After arriving from Earth in a shuttle craft, Roots starts to search for his
unit's briefing room. He looks it up on the automated Information system. After
entering " Task Force Alpha--MS unit--Briefing room", the computer monitor
displays a 3D map with a yellow line for direction.

District: First Gravitational Sector
Level: 23
Room Number: 1-23-1006
Time: 1300-1600GMT
Follow Direction On Map

A female voice from the system asks: " Would you like a copy?"

"No, thank you!" Roots hurry off.

"Your Welcome"

"I am Captain Stole Mannings, I will be in charge of the MS Unit with Task
Force Alpha. Everyone please take a seat."

The pilots inside the briefing room quiet down and looks upon him.

Roots see Shin Crypt & sits down next to him.

"Hey Shin, What do you make of this old guy?"

"He's got the stench of a soldier. Its gonna be hard to get along."

"I think he'll be fun."

"When did you become interested in men?" Shin arched an eyebrow.

"Idiot, I mean to go against him!"

Even speaking underneath their breath, Mannings still could hear them. He looks
into Roots' direction. Roots catches Mannings looking in his way & pretends to
be more serious.

"Quiet. I will now brief you on the mission."

The door suddenly opens. A big tall man stands outside looking somewhat

"Oh... Un...Excuse me."

"Are you with this unit?" Mannings asks.

The big guy nods.

"Then come in and sit down!"

"Yes...un...there aren't any seats left....."

Mannings is somewhat annoyed: "Then sit on the floor! What's your name?"

"I'm Lieutenant. Tex West."

Mannings looked at the name list: "Oh, your from Karaba....."

During the Gryps War, Karaba was one of the AEUG assist forces. All of their
operations are restricted to Earth.

Many in the room chuckles. Task force Alpha is set for a space mission, why
bother sending in a guy that can only crawl on the ground.

After West sits himself down on an empty spot, the monitor displays an image of
Astroid Penzu & its orbitial route.

Mannings continues to talk: "A month ago members of the instructor Corp
stationed there defected to TITANS & seized control of Penzu. They then used
Nuclear Pulse Thruster to push Asteroid Penzu to position L 4. From our
analysis, it is unlikely that their goal is to impact Penzu onto Earth. Their
objectives is unknown as of now. But We do expect them to take up the position
of Anti-Federation & AUEG."

The image on the monitor changes.

"A week ago, the 127 Combat Unit stationed at Side-2 was sent there for a
reconnaissance mission. This is the information we gathered before they were
wiped out. Unfortunately we were able to retrieve only one data pod."

The monitor displayed 2 red dots approaching 6 green dots. One by one the green
dots disappear.

Time: 00:04:35:51

"4 minutes & 35 seconds! You gotta be kidding!" Roots yells out.

The other members in the room feels the same.

"This is not joke. It's all real."

"This is who we are up against. Remember that"

The image on the monitor divides into six sections. Each replaying the
movements of the MS.

"You all should know that our opponents were the unit responsible for the
development of IMPC (Integrated Maneuver Propulsion Controls) combat data's.
Their IMPC capabilities are far superior than what we have on our hand

"Our only chance of success lies with the latest combat data brought back by
members of the Instructor Corp that have returned to Earth."

"That means we'll only live a little longer longer than that GM team." Roots
jokingly whispers.

Mannings took 3 more hours to explain further details and instructions about
the mission.

"Task Force Alpha will depart from PENTA at 0300 Earth Standard Hour. All
members are to board their designated ships at 2200, Dismissed."


0300 Earth Standard Hour. With all the crew members aboard, PEGASUS III & the 4
Salamis class battle cruisers departs for their mission.

After meeting all the members on board PEGASUS III, Roots & Crypt go to the
mess hall for some coffee.

"Crap, we're stuck with the old guy!"

"MS Captain is supposed to be aboard the Flagship."

"Why did you get the rank of First Lieutenant?" Root is kind of jealous of the
fact that Crypt out ranked him.

"Because I've been placed in charge of the FAZZ (Full Armor ZZ Gundam) Unit."

"I don't understand that. Why don't we trade places."

"This is the military, you better do what you are told."

"That's bullsh*t."

Text West walks in. He is the pilot of Z-Plus.

"Hey, Captain Mannings is going to begin training. He wants everyone in the
waiting room."

"Training? I haven't even unpacked yet. Tell him I can't come." Roots waves his
hand signaling him to get lost.


"No buts, just go tell him that." Roots threw his coffee container at West.

The container floats pass West & hits Mannings in the face as he comes up from

"If you think your luggage is more important than your life, them don't bother
with the training." Mannings then pulls up his right pant leg. "And if you want
to end up like this..."

Roots sees the artificial leg.

"This is the lesson I learned during One Year War. Luckily the price is ONLY
one leg. You want to have one attached to you?"

"Maybe you got more confidence than me, but I just hope you won't bring trouble
to others on the team!"

Roots feels uncomfortable: "Fine. Let's go! I'll show you want I can do!" Roots
rushes out of the mess hall.

Little sh*t head! If you weren't the chosen man for S Gundam, I would've choked
you to death already. Mannings thinks to himself. I heard all those Newtypes
are the same. Could this punk kid be a Newtype also? He is uneasy at this


As the MS combat training progresses, the Ships begin to enter Penzu's radar

Ship Identified:
Agama class assault space cruiser---1
Salamis class battle cruisers-------4
Combat ratio: 1:0.987

"Federal Force Fleet in range. Five ships have been identified." The operator
reports to Cray.

Penzu has been spending nights & days preparing its defenses. But it is yet

"We're not fully ready for them yet. Can we find any files on the Fleet

"I'll give it a try. The data we have may be a bit outdated because we are no
longer connected to the Federal Force computers."

Ship: PEGASUS III-Agama class assault space cruiser
Captain: Eton F. Heathrow
Rank: Major
Status: Green
All duty records is registered with Federal Force Military Academy File

"Looks like a rookie from some high ranking Federal Force Academy. He's
probably gonna do everything by the book]. This fleet is most likely another

"Any information on the MS Units aboard?

"It's a brand new ship, we have no combat data on it."

"Alright, its probably a bunch of rookies as well. Send out the MS Unit. Tell
Lt. Offshore and his team to delay the enemy from approaching."

After receiving a direct order from Brave Cod, Offshore & his team begins
preparation inside the hanger. The maintenance crew installs the secondary long
distance assault armament onto XEKU-EINS.

"Josh Offshore, First Assault team, move out!"

The XEKU-EINS heads toward Task force Alpha.

"Delay the enemy & find out what their capabilities are. Don't over exert
yourself." Cod's voice patches through into the cockpit. Offshore smiles.

"First Lieutenant Shin Crypt. Report to the MS deck."

The speaker next to Crypt's ear goes off at 0060 hour.

"Sh*t, I hate this kind of wake up call."

Crypt scratches his head as he loosened himself from the harness on the bed.
After changing into his flight suit, he heads toward the pilot waiting room on
the MS deck.

When he enters the waiting room he sees a serious looking Mannings.

"It's time for battle Lt. Crypt."

Crypt becomes serious too: "The target?"

"Our fleet is in Penzu's radar range. The enemy has sent out their MS unit to
intercept. From this distance they won't have enough fuel to reach us, so most
likely they will launch long distance assault from far away. It would be
ineffective for the ships to take down such small targets with cannons or
missiles, so it's up to your FAZZ unit to attack with long range beam weapons."


"Don't be too eager for results. Just do the best you can."

After giving a salute, Crypt heads toward the hanger. Once inside the cockpit,
he switches on the laser communication controls. A small window opens up on the
360 all surrounding monitor. Crypt sees Lt. John Grissom on screen.

"You awake?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Where is Aldrin?"

"He's on standby. He will be our reinforcement."


Cryprt switches the screen to the PEGASUS III Control room.

"FAZZ Unit, ready for launch!"

The two FAZZ equipped with Hyper Mega Cannon shoot out into space.

The moment they enter into firing range, Crypt notices red lights blitzing
towards him.

"Pull back! Bring the search range up all the way!" Crypt breaks radio silence.

Both FAZZ backs out of the firing range with counter thrusters.

"Know where the shots are coming from?"

Crypt checks the monitor for the previous read out.

    r r
           r r
Enemy Within Firing Range: 4

"Four targets are within firing range! Keep your eyes open for others!"

"The shots made before were not aimed. We have should a greater firing distance
than them." Grissom replies calmly.

"Alright! Grissom, I will make the first shot. You will then follow up with
adjustments of plus or minus five degrees."

Crypt sets the Hyper Mega Cannon into position. A ferocious blue beam shoots
into the darkness lasting for 3 seconds.

"Sh*t! I missed!"

Grissom immediately make the adjustments, and fires the second shot.

Due to the long recharge time of the Hyper Mega Cannon, 2 FAZZ units are used
in rotation to make up for the time in-between each shot. If done right, this
is considered the most powerful beam weapon MS aboard PEGASUS III.

"What? Are they firing with the ship cannons?" Josh Offshore is startled by the
blue beams passing above him.

Judging from the power & distance of the beams, they could be fired from the
ships. But ships don't have the ability to make precise adjustment in order to
target small objects like a Mobile Suit. That leaves only two conclusions:
Either the enemy posses a gigantic MA (Mobile Armor), or they have MS equipped
with heavy beam weapons. Offshore thinks to himself.

"They want to engage in long range assaults too......"

Both sides launches beam attacks at each other. Streaks of red & blue lights
races across one another leaving trails of evaporated space dust glowing in its
path. But because the distance is miles apart, accuracy is too low for any

Generator Power Low
Probability For Damage If Continued: 89.657889%
Please Switch Main Choice Of Weapon
Continue Use Of Weapon Will Cause Damage To Main Unit

"Damn, I'm outta ammo!" Crypt is unhappy with the display.

"Same here. Should we call in Aldrin for reinforcement?"

"No, its unnecessary." Crypt sees the enemies have retreated from their firing
range. All the red dots are now gone from the display.

On the other side, Offshore received the code: "The Garden Is Now Decorated."
He returns to Penzu with his unit and satisfied in completing his mission.

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