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Original novel by Masaya Takahashi

Mechanical designs by Katoki Hajime

English translations by CWMODELS <>


In U.C. (Universal Century) 0083, Brigadier General Jamitov Heimann established
the TITANS Branch of the Earth Federal Forces. The purpose of this elite unit
is to hunt down all remaining Zion renegades with military power. As time goes
by, The TITANS begin broadening their operations to suppress all
anti-Federation movements.

This overzealous policing ultimately resulted in the 30 Bunch Incident on July
31, U.C. 0085. The TITANS responded to a civilian demonstration by pumping
poison gas into Side 1's 30th colony, killing all of its inhabitants.

As the anti-Federation movements continue to explodes everywhere, Federation
officers' belief in TITAN'S Actions grows deeper. Many even see the TITANS as
the true embodiment of justice.

It is now U.C. 0087, the fire in space is about to be ignited once

The Earth Federal Force's Instructor Corp was formed for the development of MS
(Mobile Suit) combat technologies. The members of the corp are chosen from the
very best pilots. Their records & studies would be mass produced & entered into
all Federal Forces' IMPC (Integrated Maneuver Propulsion Controls) systems. The
result of their efforts would raise the Federation's MS fighting capabilities.

The Gryps War between TITANS and AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group) was an internal
struggle within the Federation forces. As an elite unit in the Federal Forces,
the members of the Instructor Corp easily embraced the TITANS' ideology of
Earthnoid supremacy.

On the far side of the moon, two blue MS just completed their CSP (Combat Space
Patrol), and is on its returning course to Penzu.

The pilot inside the blue MS XEKU-EINS marked RSM-141 switches on his radar
communication system.

"Colonel Cray, Is it true about what we've heard? The guys back at the base
seems quite troubled by all the rumors." Asks Lt. Offshore.

"From the message I've gotten two days ago, General Jamitov Heimann's death has
been proven true. It may even be an assassination...... that's why Brave,
Derek, and I have decided that Mother Earth must not be allowed to fall into
the hands of those "outsiders".

Two month ago, The AEUG occupied the Federation Assembly in Dakar and denounces
the TITANS before the whole world. Because of such action, the TITANS'
political status were shaken, and AEUG's movement became legitimized.
Afterwards, the TITANS lost support from the Federation, and were forced to
confront the AEUG on its own.

The Zion asteroid fortress A Bao A Qu from One year War was transferred under
TITANS' control in U.C. 0087. The Titans relocate the asteroid to Side 7 and
renamed it Gate of Sedan, where it becomes their primary base.

Even though the death of General Jamitov Heimann at Gate of Sedan was kept a
secret, rumors still spread quickly throughout the TITANS forces and its
supporters. But the death of TITANS' leadership did not bring about its end.
Their ideal still grows strong among many soldiers.

When the orders came for the Instructor's Corp to be reabsorbed back into the
Federation's control, there were many reservations among the members. Few agree
to go back, but many still supports the TITANS. The return to Earth
Federation's control would mean the cease of confrontation with AEUG, and a
surrender of TITANS' ideals.

U.C. 0088, January 25. High Ranking officials agreed to the Instructor Corp
being transferred under the Federation's control. Opposing members in the
Instructor Corp seized control of Penzu with military might after the decision.
They believe the confrontation with AEUG & the Federation must continue.

This incident occurred three day ago, which is a week after General Jamitov
Heimann death.


Hit Hit Hit Hit
Death Death Death

"Sh*t!" Ryu Roots slams his fist into the dashboard.

"This is the 7th time you died today Cadet Roots." The Instructor's voice
patches into the cockpit.

"Noisy Bastard." Roots kicks open the hatch door.

"Died again Hero-boy?" Shin Crypt smiled at Roots as he prepares to go into the

"Asshole!" Roots kicks the hatch door of Shin Crypt's Simulator.

In the preparation for the arrival of new Mobile Suits, the Experimental MS
Unit has been conducting training days & nights at the Federation's Nevada
Base. The latest model has been rumored to be a Gundam, but so far no one has
yet to see the actual thing. And because all the training so far has been
inside simulators or using Z-Plus B types, many actually suspects the new MS
doesn't even exist.

At the same time, an important meeting is taking place at the bases' conference

"This is the man chosen for ALICE...."

Dr. Karl looks at the personal file in front of him. "Ryu Roots, what an
interesting coincidence."

"And the second choice?" The man in Federal Force uniform asks as he looks out
the window.

"Shin Crypt, but he will be in charge of the other model."

"The experimental ZZ? That thing may be classified as a standard model, but it
has never been tested in a real battle before. Its nothing more than a paper

"That's the best we can do. Mannings, the real purpose of this mission is a
show-of-force, not engaging in actual combat. As long as we can scare off the
enemies, paper tigers are good enough."

Stole Mannings turned around. " This is war, a show-of-force is not going to
end it. If we had fleets of Gundam class MS, then it many actually work. But
right now we're stuck with a bunch of punk kids on our hand, and pitting them
against the Instructor's Corp is not the best of ideas."

"From what we know about Axis...I mean Neo Zion's movements currently, we need
to cash in all our chips. Even though the enrollment of S Gundam has been
canceled, we still have a hand full of trained pilots. They can be used under
the circumstances"

"Calling that bunch of washouts as pilots is an overstatement." Says Mannings.

"Their skills can be compensated for by the MS & equipments. This is going to
be a simple mission, if you do not accept, we can always have you removed for
disobeying orders."

"Alright. Do as you wish...."

"No more arguments. The mission will begin a month from now."

Mannings bites down on his teeth. He knows that this is not going to be a
simple show-of-force. He knows that because Tosh Cray is on the other side.

This confrontation will take place on February 25, and there will be no
stopping it.

Hit Hit Hit Hit
Death Death Death

The signal goes off as Shin Crypt sees the ominous words flashes on the screen
in front of him.


Fear, infinite fear. Tosh Cray stares into the cockpit monitor & sees the
endless space. He feels small.

"Offshore, do you like space?"

Josh offshore is caught off guard by the question: "Huh? Oh....the existence of
space....I feel that space can send a man into thoughtless state. The fact that
both Earth & Space Colonies can breed life in this vacuum can make a person see
the true value of existence."

"A rather old fashioned statement. So you do like space?"

"I'm saying that I like space in its purity."

"What do you mean?"

"Once man exists here, it is no longer pure. Mankind should leave its foot on
the ground."

"Which means those outsiders that can't understand the value of life on Earth
should all go to hell. And what we are fighting for here is the future of

"That's correct sir!"

The two blue MS homes in on the guidance beam from Penzu, and switches into
landing position. Flames are jetting out from the forward thrusters, combined
with the AMBAC System (Active Mass balance Auto Control) the speed starts to
slow down. While passing through the floating junk piles surrounding Penzu, the
next two patrol duty XEKU-EINS passes them by.

"First CSP (Combat Space Patrol) unit is ready for landing."

"The tower will take control of the landing procedures now. Please switch IMPC
to autopilot mode."

"Roger, you are in control." Cray answers.

The XEKU-EINS slowly glides into the docking bay. After locking into the
docking restrains, it continued to glide for another 30 feet until coming to a
complete stop.

After landing, Cray immediately heads toward the command room. Brave Cod is
waiting for him inside.

"Good job. Now take a look at this." Cod points to the monitor on the table.

The image seems like it was film by a high resolution camera in hidden. It
shows an officer behind a computer.

"He's an officer assigned to return to Earth. He is downloading all the combat
files here."

"A poor rat caught in the mouse trap. They do all their battles based on combat
data. No wonder they need this stuff."

"This was your plan Josh."

"Heh heh. Brave, so when are they planning to return to Earth?"

"Earth standard time today at 1600 hour. They don't even reach 100 men so one
transport ship should be enough."

"And the announcements?"

"We will let them know the New Desides will oppose them to the bitter end."

"Did the name come from decision?"

"No, its a newly formed word. It stands for Dis-Side (anti-colony)."

"Alright, your in charge now. do as you wish."


U.C. 0088, February 22. After Operation Maelstrom, AEUG successfully defeated
the TITANS fleet with the Colony Laser, and ends the first stage of Gryps war.

Even though the forces of Axis & Neo Zion has been pushed back, it still poses
a great threat to the Federation. And before the Federation can resolve the
conflict between TITANS & AEUG, it is unable to take another hit from them.
Under such situation, the Federation's main focus is to unify all troop to
suppress the Neo Zion. But the TITANS supporters & rebels on the Titans Lunar
City creates a great obstacle.

Because of its combat capabilities & the capacity for MS production, the
Instructor Corp on Penzu is a problem that must be removed. This decision was
made prior to Operation Maelstrom

The Federal Force starts the formation of a small unit to counter New Desides.
Due to the conflicts with Neo Zion, it is impossible to use official troops for
such a minor mission. The Federal Force Commanders decides to send in the newly
built Agama class assault space cruiser PEGASUS III along with 4 Salamis class
battle cruisers. Task Force Alpha is the offical name given, and is placed
under the Earth Federal Force fleet in charge of the Colony Laser aftermath.

Task Force Alpha may seem like an elite unit, but it is really composed of
inexperienced Captains & prototype MS that lost the military contract bids. A
unit of paper tigers.

U.C. 0088, February 22. The launch point for Task Force Alpha will be located
at the Federation Russia Baikal Lake launch base. it waill take place at sun
down. Gigantic liftoff boosters are attached to the 5 ships, along with oval
shaped shields installed on the outside. After the preparation is completed,
the ships looked like 5 high-tech pyramids from a distance.

Slowly, the sky turns from red to blue to complete darkness.

The Control Room begins the countdown in the monotone voice.

.....60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53......

As the new captain of PEGASUS III, Eton Heathrow stares into the countdown
monitor on the bridge. Like everyone else, he is tightly strapped into his
chair. There is very little to do during this stage. They take control only
after the ship is in orbit.

Suddenly, the 5 pyramids are engulfed in white smoke.

.....10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01......

As the numbers hit 00, Loud noises of metal hitting one another sounds off. The
world around Heathrow rattles violently in a brilliant light.

Five pyramids starts to rise slowly to pull away from Earth's gravity. When
reaching Earth's orbit, the shields & liftoff booster are thrown away. PEGASUS
III & the Salamis class battle cruisers emerges from the Earth's shadows.

The paper tiger task force take its first step into the sea of space. Their
future is unknown.

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