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Please scan some of the pictures if you have the time.

>In the feb. issue of Dengeki Hobby there is a great version of the
>GPO2 MG. They painted it in titans colors, (dark blue, grey, red
>trim) and gave it the big beam bazooka from the Rick Dom MG. They
>took away the shield and gave it the Gelgoog cannon's triple forearm
>cannons. Very simple changes but the thing looks great, esp the beam
>bazooka in the GP02's hands. I dare say it looks better than the
>original GP02 design.

>the nominees are...
>1. Nu Gundam
>2. Sazabi
>3. RX-78 ver. 1.5
>4. RX-78(G)
>5. RX-78(G) EZ8
>6. Ranba Ral's Zaku I
>7. Gouf
>8. Full armour ZZ Gundam
>How do the GML members vote?

My votes:
1st place: Nu Gundam
2nd place: RX-79(G)
3rd place: RX-78 ver. 1.5
4th place: Sazabi
5th place: Gouf
6th place: RX-79(G) EZ8
7th place: Ranba Ral's Zaku I
last place: Full armour ZZ gundm
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