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Mon, 29 Jan 2001 00:20:49 -0800

In the feb. issue of Dengeki Hobby there is a great version of the
GPO2 MG. They painted it in titans colors, (dark blue, grey, red
trim) and gave it the big beam bazooka from the Rick Dom MG. They
took away the shield and gave it the Gelgoog cannon's triple forearm
cannons. Very simple changes but the thing looks great, esp the beam
bazooka in the GP02's hands. I dare say it looks better than the
original GP02 design.


on the back cover there is an ad from Bandai. It's running a contest
for people to vote for the best MG model of 2000.

the nominees are...
1. Nu Gundam
2. Sazabi
3. RX-78 ver. 1.5
4. RX-78(G)
5. RX-78(G) EZ8
6. Ranba Ral's Zaku I
7. Gouf
8. Full armour ZZ Gundam

How do the GML members vote?


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