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Sun, 28 Jan 2001 19:32:29 -0800

Well, that's that =)
It had been way too long since I'd updated the site, and I'd just lost
interest. There are only so many images that can be added, and I just didn't
have the desire to fix the administration side of the site to faciliate
adding new ones. A database crash this weekend pretty much sealed its fate.
I pretty much explained what happened on the frontpage
(, but if you or someone you know wants to take over
the job of hosting the largest archive of Gundam images, contact me offlist.
As I mentioned on the page though, you need to have your own domain and have
some web design skill for me to consider handing over the images en masse.)
If any of you GMLers are linking me, you should probably take the link down.
And no, you're not rid of me ... I still like Gundam as much as I always
have, if not more, I just lost interest in the site itself =P

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