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> Hmmm maybe they really should add soemthing special to the new MG since they
> will be degraded to just the regular line of 1/100 UC MS if they dont, i
> suppose they should go for internal skeleton with everymodel and the should
> add as much weapons as possible even if the price rises 500 Yen i personally
> wouldnt care much even if they just put a pilot figure in the box with every
> mech that would be great , hmm if you havent guessed i am quite
> dissappointed by my MG Gelgoog, no pilot figure, just one Beam machinegun
> ( heck not even the original Gelgoog beam gun ) and the naginata+shield this
> is really the worst mg kit ive ever seen, no comparison to the MG Dom or
> Rickdom, not to mention the RX79-G(love this kit )

Lemme use this chance to flashback.. Remember the RX-178
Mk. II MG? Tell me that wasn't one of the best MG's out, even at
this time. Along with the Dom and maybe even the RX-78 1.5,
it's my fave MG. Mk. II is SO posable. I was able to make it balance
on one foot, in a slanted position, and get so many great poses.
That was probably the only MG with such great poseability. I dunno
why, but I'm hoping it was because of the moving frame technology
those genius Titans blessed it with. And it that's the case, the
Hyaku Shiki should be just as good.. I can't wait.. It's been a while
since I've built an MG with great wrists and ankles.. Maybe the
Hyaku Shiki will come with the Mega bazooka launcher too?


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