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> Yeah, it probably will come with gold plating but what new gimmicks will
> BanDai add? I mean they are releasing a MG every month (even sooner
> sometimes.)

Hmmm maybe they really should add soemthing special to the new MG since they
will be degraded to just the regular line of 1/100 UC MS if they dont, i
suppose they should go for internal skeleton with everymodel and the should
add as much weapons as possible even if the price rises 500 Yen i personally
wouldnt care much even if they just put a pilot figure in the box with every
mech that would be great , hmm if you havent guessed i am quite
dissappointed by my MG Gelgoog, no pilot figure, just one Beam machinegun
( heck not even the original Gelgoog beam gun ) and the naginata+shield this
is really the worst mg kit ive ever seen, no comparison to the MG Dom or
Rickdom, not to mention the RX79-G(love this kit )

hmmm anyhow i will buy the Gouf Custom to make a nice diorama with my custom
built GM Head RX-79G(btw anyone got a tutorial or tips on which Head to
customize and how , i used the MG GM head but it just doesnt look like in
08thMS Team :((( )
but theres no way i will get that MS in shining armor, chrome plating pisses
me off, if they did a plating like on the HGUC Gouf i'd even consider it,
but not chrome !!!!

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