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Bandai Entertainment handles video releases of Bandai products, they have nothing to do with toys and such. I'm not sure specifically which division is responsible for toy and model releases, either in Japan or North America (there's almost certainly one for each), but it's definately not Bandai Entertainment =)
Now, regarding the Taurus rumor, I haven't heard anything. None of the reputable news sources have mentioned it and seeing as the GW run is now done, I would _Highly_ doubt it. The GW MSiA's (and by association, the North American action figure releases) were a direct result of it airing in North America, and there would be little point in continuing the line now that First Gundam is the next priority.
Expect the 0079 MSiA's to start coming in in short order, along with the 08th MST model kits (oooh I'd love to get those for cheaper than import prices. Squads of GM's for a fraction of the cost! woohoo!), along with the HGUC line. Dunno what they're going to do for the RX-78 and original GM in 1/144th though, since the old HG RX-78 is looking a little dated. I do hope we get a HGUC mini-MG of both the Gundam and the GM ....

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I heard a rumor that the Taurus, both the Sanc Kingdom and the standard black version, will be released as figures. I haven't seen any announcement about it, can anybody confirm if Bandai has it in development?

You might check there web site at Bandai Entertainment

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